Business insurances

+ - Office package

Insure your office including mandatory Employees' compensation insurance. Every business should be prepared against unforeseen circumstances. Office packaged insurances cover your computer systems, furniture, decoration and public liability.

+ - Shop package

Your stock is key in your business, with a shop packaged insurance you have all the necessary insurances under one roof: shop decoration, furniture, public liability of shoppers, burglary and stock of course.

+ - Professional indemnity (PI)

PI insurance is available for a wide range of businesses, from consultants to personal trainers, from recruiters to bankers & financial institutions. Contact us for an appointment we want to know more about your business and help you protect it against legal claims from third parties.

+ - Director & Officer's liability (D&O)

D&O insurances is a comprehensive protection for your business by covering losses in relation to investigations or claims against your company’s officers and directors. Contact us for an appointment, we can discuss your needs over a cup of coffee.

+ - Other liability insurances

The range of insurance products are very wide, we love to think with you about special situations and not so mainstream covers. Please do try us if you have something unusual...

For certain professional industries exists specialized liabiltiy cover such as:

  • Investment Management Indemnity
    When you run a fund, hedge fund, asset management firm etc.
  • Financial Instutions
    Indemnity insurance for investment banks, private banks, consultants for financial institutions etc.
  • Medical Malpractice
    Physiotherapy practices, alternative therapists etc.
  • Cyber Liability
    IT related businesses, software developers, hosting companies, companies with other peoples private data in their databases etc.

+ - Marine insurance

For both Marine Cargo insurance and Marine Hull insurance you can contact us. For certain marine risk we can refer you to our specialist marine insurance brokers in Hong Kong.

+ - Group Medical insurance

Your staff is your company most valuable asset and of course you want to take good care of them by providing them with a suitable Group Medical Plan. Improves the staff health and makes you a preferred employer to work for.

Specialist risks

+ - Film insurance

We are a specialist in Film insurance packages, whether it's for a commercial shoot or your next motion picture blockbuster you can get online quotes here.

+ - Event insurance

Event organising is a risky business and protecting your production cost and/or your revenues is essential for survival. Find out more about cover for Event Cancellation, Non-appearance of Artists, Adverse Weather, Public Liability etc.

+ - Motorsport insurance

Racing teams, professional race drivers, amateur racers or your regular petrol heads! We offer On track liability, damage to car and personal injury insurances for motorsport activities. Motorsport insurances are placed in the specialist London market.

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