Personal insurances

+ - Medical insurance

What is more important than your health? Hong Kong has top notch medical facilities and top notch fees for it as well. Check out our quotes on Private Medical Insurances.

+ - Home insurance

Protect the stuff you love! Home insurance covers loss or damage to your home content, Worldwide All Risk for valuable items, personal liability and fire insurance for buildings.

+ - Travel insurance

Be safe on your next trip with a travel insurance. Travel insurance are packaged insurances that covers for multiple situations like:

  • medical costs;
  • personal accident;
  • baggage;
  • travel delay, travel cancellation;
  • personal liability

+ - Motor insurance

Third Party Liability Only or Comprehensive cover? We can help you quote with our preferred suppliers of motor insurances. You can also rely on us if you have a claim.

+ - Domestic Helper insurance

You rely on her running your household, she takes care of your family and you take care of her. Domestic Helper insurance covers your legal obligations as an employer and additional benefits like hospital expenses, clinical expenses and optional cover in case of critical illnesses.

Other personal insurances

+ - Fine Art & Wine insurance

You have been collecting art and wine over the years and accumulated a nice collection? Our fine art & wine insurances allow for a yearly increase of the value of your collection fully appreciated!

+ - Landlord insurance

Protect your leased property against loss or damage of basic house contents, loss of rent if your premises is unhabitable and against your legal liability as a property owner. Additional cover available of your Home structure.

+ - Fire insurance

Good ol' fire insurance for protection and mandatory for mortgage purposes.

+ - Expat medical insurance

Private Medical Protection that goes wherever you are. Expat life is full of surpises and it is good to know that your medical protection goes along with you wherever you end up in this world!

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