07 Sep

About Personal Liability (or how insurers going Dutch)

About Personal Liability (or how insurers going Dutch), protect your family against Third Party Legal Liability
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29 Jul
Airport Express seats

Why Companies buy Group travel insurance

Group travel insurance policy essentially help protecting the travelers against unanticipated incidents
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11 Jul
HK International Airport dust

COVID-19 Has Changed the Way We Look at Travel Insurance

Pre-COVID, a travel insurance package provided comprehensive cover and it was always a no-brainer because
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28 Jan
Cleaner helper bright

The unknown beneficiary of a Domestic Helper insurance

Many employers of a domestic worker in Hong Kong believe that the main beneficiary of the policy is their helper.
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25 Sep
Operating Theatre White 2500

Medical Insurance and the implication of moving countries & pre-existing conditions

For clients with a Private International Medical Insurance the consequences of moving out Hong Kong are minimal.
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