Cyber Liability Insurance

Specialist insurances Hackers simultaneously attack millions of websites, including yours… The law is still uncertain about cyber exposure. Internet companies in certain countries have been held liable for not removing certain statements. Mitigate your cyber risk and contact us for information about the best available options. Get in touch and we assist you with securing […]
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Motorsport On-Track Insurance

Specialist insurances Professional Racers or Gentlement drivers, the passion for speed is the same… Motorsport On-Track insurance can cover both the Third Party Liability during a race day and also can include damage to the car. Get ready for your next track day We offer a wide range of insurance policies related to motorsport activities, […]
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Event All Risk Insurance

Specialist insurances Cover the financial consequences of set-backs during your Event… Protect your event and your business from risks beyond your control. Causes for event cancellation are numerous and impossible to predict. The bigger the event, the higher the potential loss. Who should take out Film insurance? We provide event insurance for many different types […]
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Film All Risk Insurance

Specialist insurances Cover the financial consequences of set-backs during your Film Production… Actors can become ill or get injured, equipment can break or become damaged. Despite the fact that digital technology has made shooting much more stable, glitches or issues in production or post-production still happen. Who should take out Film insurance? We provide event […]
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Unmanned Aerial System Insurance (UAS)

Specialist insurances The future of drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems to be used commercially is already here. Businesses are making money with their drones, from film production to inspection, there are unlimited applications for drones that will be rolled out soon or already in use. Protecting a drone business against physical damage and financial damage […]
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Travel insurance

Private insurance Safe travels in your next trip in the coming year Be safe on your next trip with travel insurance and avoid unforeseen costs that can occur while abroad. What is covered under Travel insurance: Most travel insurance plans cover medical emergencies, medical evacuation, trip cancellation, trip interruptions and luggage related issues. If you […]
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Group Travel Insurance

Commercial insurances Protect your employees in a global workplace even when they are enjoying some leisure time during their trip… Group Travel Insurance or Company Travel Insurance provides a robust range of benefits covering medical, personal, and travel-related incidents. The insurance policy assures the companies and their business executives that they are protected from unanticipated […]
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Group Medical Insurance

Commercial insurances Attract & retain your most valuable employees in a competitive market… Of course your employees are the key to the success of your business. An attractive Group Medical plan can help you recruit the best talents in the market and enhance the chance on a thriving business. How Group Medical can help What […]
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Fire insurance (Private)

Private insurances You worked hard for your house in Hong Kong… Often the bank that provides your mortgage will offer you fire insurance which might seem like the easiest solution. But you can choose your own insurance provider – and often this is the best option and could save you a lot of money. Find […]
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Personal Liability insurance

Private insurances When others come after your family or you Personal liability could be legal fees, medical bills, repair cost of guests visiting your home or for accidents happening outside your home as well. Why a Personal Liability insurance is useful Personal liability insurance offers protection for you and your family. Generally, this type of […]
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