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Have you been collecting art and wine over the years and accumulated a nice collection? Our fine art and wine insurance policies allow for a yearly increase in the value of your collection ensuring that your items remain fully insured.

It’s not only fine art that is covered under an art collection policy. These policies can also include items such as:

Money, banker's drafts, banknotes, postal orders, cheques, gold, silver or platinum bullion or ingots
Sailboards, surfboards, rowing boats, and dinghies, including their accessories
Outdoor items designed to be typically left outdoors, including garden furniture, statues, and ornaments
Jewellery & Watches
Various Fur clothing
Antique Guns
Items of precious metals including silverware, tableware, trays, trophies, and similar household articles, other than jewellery, which are made of gold, gold plate, silver, silver plate, pewter, or platinum
Stamps, coins, and medals
Negotiable papers, securities, accounts, deeds, evidence of debt, letters of credit, notes (other than banknotes), manuscripts, passports, or travel tickets

You can get coverage for the contents of multiple homes (including homes in Hong Kong and overseas) in a single policy. Ask us for more details.

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