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Hackers simultaneously attack millions of websites, including yours...

The law is still uncertain about cyber exposure. Internet companies in certain countries have been held liable for not removing certain statements. Mitigate your cyber risk and contact us for information about the best available options. Get in touch and we assist you with securing an insecure future.

Typical Cyber Liability Insurance provides cover for:

First Party cover - Protection against damage to the insured’s website from an intentional virus attack that causes damage to the network, computer programme, or any data
Third-Party cover - Error and omissions, infringement of property rights, defamation, right of privacy and the transmission of a virus

How cyber liability arises with respect to data:

The computer industry is rapidly changing with the increasing use of sophisticated technology
Customer awareness of data-related issues has increased and is fueled by headline media attention and litigation
Data breaches affect hundreds of millions of records a year, and reports of violations continue to rise

Who needs Cyber Insurance?

Companies that host, store, share or transmit proprietary and confidential data should consider cyber liability insurance. Also, companies that transact business and generate revenue online and publish online content can consider cyber insurance.

Cyber Liability Brochure

Learn more about Cyber Liability, how it can help protect your business and what it covers and what situations can cause claims.
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