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Director & Officers’ Liability insurances can cover the individual Director, reimbursement of cost the company has made or  the company as an entity if the company is sued.

What does D&O insurance cover?

The purpose of D&O coverage is to cover directors and officers of a company in the event they are sued. Increasingly, directors face personal financial liability in an increasingly complex and litigious world. Therefore, this type of coverage is critical.

While a company’s liability may be limited, the personal liability of a director for their wrongful acts is not.

The most likely sources of claims are:

  • The liquidators of insolvent companies against former directors
  • New boards following a take-over
  • Existing boards against officials who have been negligent, often with respect to health and safety issues

Statutory Liability

The Companies Ordinance which came into effect in 2014 in Hong Kong, codifies the common law duty of care, skill and diligence that needs to be exercised by directors of a company. Breach of this duty has civil and Common Law consequences for a Director.

A D&O Insurance policy generally gives financial protection in the event that directors are sued personally. The policy covers legal costs as well as damages.

Contact us for more information and claim examples; this is a topic we understand well.

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