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Your helper takes care of your family, and you should take care of her...

Domestic Helper Insurance covers your legal obligations as an employer and provides additional benefits to your helper such as hospital expenses and clinical expenses. You can also elect for the optional coverage of critical illness.

A comprehensive Domestic Helper Insurance typically includes cover for:

Employees' Compensation (EC)
Clinical expenses including Chinese Medical Practiitioner and Physiotherapist
Surgical and Hospitalization expenses
Service Interruption
Dental Expenses
Personal Accident benefits
Repatriation expenses
Replacement Helper expenses
Fidelity Guarantee
Replacement and installation cost of the main door lock or metal gate lock
Automatic extension of cover
Optional cover for Critical Illness (Cancer and Heart diseases)
Be aware that Domestic Helper Insurance is mandatory in Hong Kong as it includes Employees’ Compensation Insurance that covers your liability as an employer.

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Real Cases

Andrea Chan
Andrea Chan
Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong
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Picking the right insurance plan is extremely important.

With our previous dh insurance, we simply picked the cheapest plan with a somewhat reputable name just like everyone else.

Oh boy was I wrong to do this.

Whenever my helper got sick (which was at least once every 6 months), claiming medical expenses was an absolute nightmare.

We had to pay the doctors out of pocket first, then to claim we needed to print and fill out a form, then mail it to the insurance company.

Then because we don’t have a printer at home, and getting envelopes, stamps and to physically mail it out in today’s digital age was just really inconvenient.

The entire claiming process would take days, if not weeks. Because we would always encounter an issue, then the process would delay because we had other priorities or things to do.

Then I found out Charings has insurance plans where we send our helper to visit a doctor from their approved list, she shows her medical card, and that’s it.

No need to manually fill in forms and mail them in! Pay that extra small premium for this HUGE convenience and piece of mind!
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
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In 2019 we hired a new helper. She was great and took great care of the kids.

However in 2020, half way through her contract, she was diagnosed with cancer and was too sick to continue her work.

It was devastating news for both of us and neither of us knew what to do.

You’d never think it would happen to you until it does.

We ended up paying for her medical expenses, her flight back to the Philippines and hiring a replacement.

The insurance we got from Charings cost us under $900 but helped us cover $110,000 in expenses. It covered our costs over 100x fold.

The costs included medical bills for the helper, her flight back to the Philippines, a temp helper and new helper fees.

Although you are obligated to get these plans when hiring a DH, do yourself a favor and shop for the right protection rather than comparing premium costs.

Understand what’s included, and what more you can get for a few more dollars, and have the proper $100,000+ in protection.
Jan Cheung
Jan Cheung
Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
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Our domestic helper Eva was injured during her time working with us and proceeded to hire a lawyer to sue us. We were totally unprepared for this and caused a lot of stress towards our family.

Speaking with lawyers and being accused of something we didn’t think is our fault is very stressful.

We couldn’t do anything except hire a lawyer for ourselves which was very expensive.

In the end, not only did we have to pay the helper for damages and all legal fees, but we were also fined for not buying the mandatory Domestic Helper insurance.

We didn’t find the helper through an agent so we didn’t buy the DH insurance.

In the end we paid over HK$200,000 to settle the case when we could have spent 1-2k in insurance.

Don’t make the same mistake as we did. You never know you need it until it’s too late.

Frequently Asked

Usually the most claimed benefit on a Domestic Helper insurance are general practicioner (GP) visits for the helper.

This is the number one claims in volume and value.

You would like to have a Domestic Helper insurance that covers this in full and offers a network of clinics where your helper can visit GP without they need to pay nor go through the hassle of claiming paperworks.

Some insurers offer a Medical Card for the helper. 

It’s like a membership card where they can just show the card at a listed clinic when visiting a GP without needing to pay.

So there is no paperwork or other admin to be done.

Other insurers require you to mail them the medical bills together with a printed form.

You file medical expense claims directly with the insurer but you can always contact us for assistance with the claim.

Some insurers require a bit of paperwork so we will send you the correct forms to fill.

Others don’t require any paperwork because the provide a medical card for cashless GP visits.

Some immediately because they have a Medical Card for cashless GP visits like Allied World.

Your helper can visit the GPs on their list and the fees and medicines will be fully covered immediately by showing the medical card.

Medical expenses, like a GP visit, typically varies from Fully covered to HKD200 per visit.

Hospitalization is covered in the range of HKD30,000-HKD80,000.

Just for 1 year plans for 1 helper the premium ranges from HKD700 to HKD1,200 depending on the coverage and what kind of options you add.

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