Mandatory Employees' Compensation Insurance (ECI)

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When employees exert their rights in case of a work related injury...

Section 40 of the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance, Chapter 282 of the Laws in Hong Kong states that an employer is required to have an insurance covering his/her liabilities as an employer

Why buy Public Liability insurance?

Employees’ Compensation Insurance (ECI) covers an employer’s liability when a staff member suffers injury or illness while working. ECI is a legal requirement for all employers in Hong Kong.

For most SME companies, the ECI is offered as an add-on to your office package. However, for some industries and businesses, insurers will offer a stand-alone ECI policy in its own right.

Employers with less than 200 employees in Hong Kong, will need to purchase insurance coverage of at least HKD100 million. For companies with more than 200 employees, the cover amount should be not less than HKD200 million.

An insured employer must display a Notice of Insurance of the ECI in a conspicuous place on each premise where an employee is employed. The Notice of Insurance shows the details of the policy. Insurers will provide a Notice of Insurance as part of their policy package.

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