Film All Risk Insurance

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Cover the financial consequences of set-backs during your Film Production...

Actors can become ill or get injured, equipment can break or become damaged. Despite the fact that digital technology has made shooting much more stable, glitches or issues in production or post-production still happen.

Who should take out Film insurance?

We provide event insurance for many different types of firms in Hong Kong and Asia such as film producers, production houses, advertising agencies, film equipment rental companies, talent management agencies, booking agencies, film investors, film distributors, and other film-related industries.

Film All Risk Insurance covers for:

Cast non-appearance
Cancellation Production
Inclement weather
Equipment (Rental & own equipment)
Sets, costumes & accessories
Producer’s indemnity
Public liability
Entrusted Property
3rd party property liability
Content production office
Character Vehicles
Personal Accident for crew and talents

Film All Risk Insurance Brochure

Learn more about Film All Risk Insurance, how it can help protect your business and what it covers and what situations can cause claims.
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