Group Medical Insurance / Employees' Benefit Scheme

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Attract & retain your most valuable employees in a competitive market...

Of course your employees are the key to the success of your business. An attractive Group Medical plan can help you recruit the best talents in the market and enhance the chance on a thriving business.

How Group Medical can help

What is more important than your health? Hong Kong has high quality medical facilities, but fees associated with healthcare are high as well.

Your staff is your company’s most valuable asset, and of course, you want to take good care of them by providing them with a suitable Group Medical Plan. By offering high-quality insurance coverage, you are not only improving the health of your staff, but it helps to make you a preferred employer.

Insurers will want to know the claim experiences in previous years if these are available. It may help insurance companies to price the Group Medical Insurance more competitively.

Type of Benefits

Mix and match the most attractive Group Medical plan that fits your company’s budget and offers your employees a range of useful benefits like:

Hospital & Surgery Benefits
Clinical Benefits/Outpatient
Dental Benefits
Wellness, Check-ups & Vision
Maternity Benefits
Group Medical Insurance Quote

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