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As in insurance broker we help you with choosing the most suitable Private Medical Insurance

From hundreds of medical insurance providers worldwide we have selected the best performing insurances based on our client’s feedback and our own experiences.

Comprehensive medical cover

We have selected the best International Medical insurers who provide worldwide cover with no restrictions on geographical areas. Free choice of medical providers: hospitals, clinics, doctors and specialists.

Private room Cover

When you’re hospitalized wherever in the world you need to focus on your recovery and our medical insurers provide private room cover where your family and you can retreat in comfort and privacy.

International Cover

All our International Medical plans offer comprehensive cover for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation. Your plan is portable when you move to another country or another region of coverage.

Direct settlement Hospitals

Larger claims may be settled directly with the Healthcare provider involved by direct billing making your life easier without the necessity to pay your medical bills upfront.

Swift reimbursement

We selected insurers that promise to have claims reimbursed to our clients within 15 working days.

Simple Insurance Process


We listen to your needs and situation. You can expect a call within 15 minutes from one of our advisors.

Explore Your Options

Our advisors will find the best options for you at the best price from 10+ insurers and 30+ plans.

Get You Covered

Once you feel comfortable with a plan, we help you submit your application so you're all coverd.

Claim Medical Insurance

Let us know if you have any questions about Medical claims. give us a call on +852 8170 3810

Learn more about our medical insurers

Who do we use for our medical insurance clients? Do you want to check with us if we carry the insurer you are interested in?
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