Personal Accident insurance

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Protect your hard-earned saving when you need to pay medical bills or take time off from work. .

Accidents can happen anytime, while you are playing sports, driving a car, commute on public transport, walking on the street, having dinner with your family or shopping in a mall. To avoid or the financial strain that an accident can bring to you and your family learn more how Personal Accident can protect you.

Standard benefits under a Personal Accident plan:

  • Accidental Death: Your sum insured.
  • Permanent Disablement: Up to the sum insured, with a range of benefits expressed as a percentage of the sum insured, depending upon the severity of the disablement.
  • Temporary Disablement: You can insure up to 80% of your average weekly earnings to be paid as weekly benefit when an accident prevents you from engaging in your usual occupation for up to 104 weeks (2 years).
  • Medical Expenses: Incurred as a result of an accident.

Premium depends on your occupation, insurers use different categories of occupations for example:

  • Class I: Professional, administrative and clerical duties without manual work e.g. accountants, dentists, office workers.
  • Class II: Other non-manual occupations, e.g. sales representatives, messengers, shop salespersons.
  • Class III: Professionals and occupations involving slight manual work, g. chauffeurs.
  • Class IV: Occupations involving manual work, e.g. garment workers, butchers, motor mechanics, interior decorator.
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